January 25, 2014

Handy Tools Developed in Microsoft VisualStudio


Welcome to Decoded Freeware

The blog has Miniature tools developed in Visual studio that come in handy for Windows based platforms, new tools will be updated on a weekly basis, on second thought, make it Free-time basis or Ideal basis.To get more out of this blog
  • Your computer requires a Framework (.NET) with which the applications are recognized as such
  • If you already have Microsoft .NET framework installed in your machine, you can skip to the Products Tab located right up in this blog.


Applications fail to Open/Run Properly

Your computer requires Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5 or Higher so as to Run the applications mentioned in this blog. even if the application fails to satisfy the requirement, there must be a prob. with the Antivirus which detects the application as a False Positive, please try disabling the antivirus software and try again using an elevated mode of the application (administrator)

Some Applications are being Detected as Viruses/Malware. What can i do about it?

Some applications are coded in visual basic in which i made use of the batch file programming and linked them to the main application through certain call procedures. when these calling happens, the antivirus software installed in the machine detects it as an intrusion and reports it as a malware trying to attack the host computer. but i can assure you that all the applications are 100% BAD Code free. the antivirus just reports it. they are called as false positivies. you can simply disable the antivirus software so that you can use the application to full extent.